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1 Month Loans

If you need a helping hand financially until your next payday then a 1 month loan may well be the perfect solution. These short term loans are a great way to take care of your upcoming bills and payments without putting yourself into long term or borrowing more than you have to.

Typically, loans for 1 month are issued as payday loans but other options are available if you'd rather borrow money for 1 month exactly rather than just up until your next pay check.

Read on to learn more about the eligibility criteria for these loans and how you can apply through Viva Payday Loans today.

Am I Eligible For 1 Month Loans?

Although each individual lender will have their own unique eligibility factors for 1 month loans, there are some basic qualifying criteria that you'll need to fulfil to be considered, including:

Depending on the lender you choose, you may also need access to a mobile phone to confirm the final payment details of your loan. Take a closer look at the features of each individual loan before applying to make sure they meet your own unique circumstances.

How Can I Apply For 1 Month Loans?

It's never been easier to borrow money for 1 month thanks to the Viva Payday Loans comparison service. Simply choose how much you'd like to borrow for the month and we'll present you with a range of specialist 1 month loans.

If accepted, you'll need to sign and return your online credit agreement and funds will be sent straight to your bank account, usually within 24 hours.

Start your journey to a great rate on your next 1 month loan by getting a free, personalised comparison with Viva Payday Loans today.

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