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1 Month Loans

What Are 1 Month Loans & How Do They Work?

Life happens – it’s unavoidable. You may have months where your car breaks down, you’re faced with unexpected vet bills, or you simply need some extra cash to get through to your next paycheck. That’s where Viva Payday Loans comes in. We offer short-term loans with a quick approval process that makes it easy for you to apply for a personal loan and get your money in a flash!

1 Month Loans at Viva Payday Loans:

  • Amount: Typically $100 or 500 dollar loans to $2,000. Loans of up to $5,000 are available.
  • Terms: Our 1 month loans are usually repaid over 7 to 30 days. Higher loans of up to $5,000 are paid over 2 to 24 months.
  • Interest rate: Most of our lenders charge 5.99% to 35.99%.

Viva Payday Loans works with the most reputable lenders in the country to bring you emergency loans in a snap. Our one-month payday loans give you the option of a quick cash online process that is easy to understand and works around your schedule to repay according to your payday.

It’s never been easier to borrow money online. Our main aim at is to provide a quick loan application process with a quick payout process to match.

Types Of One Month Loans

Several types of one month loans are available at Viva Payday Loans.

1-Month Loans Review

1-month loans are loans that you pay back within one month, usually on the day you get paid. These are short-term loans suitable for emergencies, sudden expenses, and when you need a little boost to get you through the month.

1-month loans are usually small, and most lenders offer from $100 or $255 payday loans online to $1,000. At Viva Payday Loans, we’ll connect you to lenders who offer up to $5,000, and we’ll not charge you a single cent! You’ll get competitive interest rates between 5.99% and 35.99%, with 7 to 30 days repayment periods.

1-Month Loans Bad Credit

Even with a bad credit score, you can still qualify for 1-month loans. We work with understanding lenders who don’t discriminate against borrowers because of their past financial hurdles.

You can qualify for 1-month loans bad credit as long as you can prove affordability. Our lenders will only look at your current income and monthly expenses to determine if you can afford to repay.

1-Month Loans Online

G0ne are the days when you had to look for physical storefronts to borrow money. Viva Payday Loans allows you to borrow 1-month loans online with a few simple clicks!

Simply download the Viva Payday Loans app or use our website to borrow 1-month loans online through an easy online application process.

1-Month Loans Direct Lenders

The last thing you want is to work with brokers who charge exorbitant amounts to connect you to direct lenders. At Viva Payday Loans, we connect you to 1-month loan direct lenders for free!

You get access to a comprehensive panel of the best and most reputable 1-month loan direct lenders in the US at no extra cost to you.

Quick 1-Month Loans

Viva Payday Loans is your best bet if you’re looking for quick 1-month loans. Thanks to our quick and easy online application process, we’ll connect you to a suitable lender within 2 minutes and you could get a 1 hour payday loan.

Our lenders feature quick approvals and payouts. You’ll be approved in no time and can get quick 1-month loans within the same day you apply or within 24 hours latest.

Best 1-Month Loans

At Viva Payday Loans, we feature the best 1-month loans in the US designed for the everyday American.

Whether you need a few bucks or something more substantial, Viva Payday Loans got your back! You can quickly borrow from $100 to $5,000 and repay within 7 to 30 days with any income source.

Short Term 1-Month Loans

1-month loans at Viva Payday Loans are short and sweet. You can quickly borrow short-term 1-month loans that you repay within 30 days to ensure you don’t stay indebted for long.

We’ll connect you to flexible lenders who allow you to choose repayment periods that make it easier to repay. You can repay short-term 1-month loans in weekly, fortnightly, and monthly schedules.

Payday Loans For One Month

With payday loans for one month, you repay on your next payday. The payday can be the day you get your income from any source, including retirement benefits, trust proceeds, disability, and many others!

Payday loans for one month are typically an advance of your subsequent income, and they’re effortless to get approved.

1-Month Loans Las Vegas

If you’re in the entertainment capital of the world, you can get 1-month loans Las Vegas from our extensive panel of lenders. All our lenders are licensed and adhere to the lending regulations in Las Vegas.

Whatever your needs, budget, or occasion, our 1-month loans in Las Vegas can help you cover your needs.

Features of 1 Month Loans – What to Expect with a Small Cash Advance

Loan amount

At Viva Payday Loans, we offer a wide range of fast loans, so whatever you need your loan for, we’ve got you covered! Our lenders offer loans between $100-$50,00, with flexible repayment options that suit you.

Terms of Loan

Our lenders will work with you to determine how long the loan will be, based on your request. With a one-month loan, you decide the day (or days) that you will repay the loan, based on your pay schedule. In most instances, our one-month loans are paid back over 7 to 30 days.

Interest Rate

Depending on the type of one month loan you decide to apply for, you can expect to pay between 5.99% APR to 35.99% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Repayment Schedule

Paying back your loan is easy. According to your schedule, your lender will help you set a date(s) for payments. Keeping the lender in good standing and ensuring the lender gets paid on time strengthens your credit profile. Most repayment schedules at Viva Payday Loans are bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly.

Fees and Charges

Your lender may charge you an origination fee. This fee is for setting up the loan, and we recommend asking about this fee before signing your contract.

If you pay off your loan early, make extra payments, or pay off the loan entirely, you may be charged for departing early from your loan agreement. Make sure to read the fine print to avoid charges.

We can assure you our lenders are completely transparent in their expectations of a borrower in relation to the loan agreement. Standard fees include the interest rate of 5.99% to 35.99%.

The following are examples of unexpected additional charges:

  • Origination Fee
  • Early exit penalty
  • Late payment penalty
  • Charges to recover funds if the lender hires a debt collector

Lender Reputation

When shopping for a loan, it’s important to choose a reputable lender that is transparent with contact information and terms of service, easily found on their website.

Look at the lender’s social media (check the comments!), and make sure you can reach them by phone. To protect yourself and your money, it is in your right to make inquiries without applying for a loan, per the FDIC (Federal Department of Credit).

24- Hour Disbursement Time

Disbursement time is the period between your loan approval and your receipt of funds. Once approved, we typically send the funds to your account by electronic transfer within the next business day.

Examples of 1 Month  Loans

The following table serves as an example of the loans available at Viva Payday Loans:

Lender APR Loan Amount Min Credit Funding Time
OppLoans 99% – 160% $500 – $4,000 Not Specified 24 hours
CashNetUSA 89% – 449% $300 – $3,500 Not Specified 7 business days
MyPaydayLoan 782.15% $200-$1,000 None Same Day
Rise Credit 50.00 – 299.00% $500 – $5,000 None 24 hours

Advantages and Disadvantages of One Month Loans at Viva Payday Loans

There are things to consider when applying for any financial product. Let’s take a look at the expected advantages and disadvantages of one-month loans:



Applying for a one-month loan is as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you need to do is gather your ID and documents, and fill out our simple online form. Within minutes, you’ll know if you qualify for up to $5000 cash!

Quick Cash

Here at Viva Payday Loans, we know some things can’t wait. The application process takes only a few minutes. Once approved, you will receive a one-month loan by electronic transfer into your bank account the next business day.

Flexible payback terms

You and your lender decide what works best for paying back your loan. You choose the term; you choose the date; you choose the frequency. It’s easy to set up and follow through, saving you time and improving your credit score! You strengthen your credit profile by making sure you pay your lenders on time and maintain good standing with them.


Higher Interest Rates

The lenders that we work with try to be fair when assigning an interest rate to your loan. With rates as low as 5.99%, our lenders remain as competitive as possible. At times they do need to charge a higher interest rate when they are assuming more risk. The consequence is a higher payment for our customers, but it also means lenders can approve more emergency loans for people stuck in short-term situations.

Eligibility Criteria

Viva Payday Loans personal loan providers assess all applications independently. Every candidate is treated individually, so different lenders may come back with different decisions about your situation.

To qualify for a personal loan, you must fulfil certain basic requirements, including:

  • Permanent U.S. resident
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Having a bank account in your own name
  • The ability to repay the amount you borrow ($1,000 per month income)

If you meet these criteria, you’re good to go! Apply for a one month loan today right here at

Application Process –  How to Apply for 1-Month Loans Loan at

Step 1: Complete the Online Form to Get a Cash Advance

To borrow money or get easy cash, simply fill out our online form and choose up to one month’s loan term. Ensure the loan amount and loan term you select are appropriate for your current and future financial obligations. Fill out the quick online application, and you’re ready to move on! Don’t forget to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions before you submit the application form.

Step 2: Provide Further Information

We may need some information from you after you complete the form, including:

  • A valid form of identification
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income (social security payments, pay stubs, or bank statements)

Viva Payday Loans and your lender will never share your information with third parties.

Step 3: Receive Approval & Sign the Agreement

Upon submitting the form for your payday advance online, you will receive a decision on your loan approval within 2 minutes! Regardless of credit score, most potential borrowers are connected to one of our independent lenders, and you will receive a loan agreement to read through and sign. It’s important to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to a loan.

Step 4: Get Money in Your Account

If you’re asking for a one month loan, you obviously don’t have time to wait around. Once your loan is approved and the agreement is signed, the lender will ensure you get your cash the next business day.


What do I need to apply for a one-month loan?

You will need a valid form of ID, a bank account in your name, proof of address, and a minimum income of $1000/month to apply!

How much money can I get?

We offer customers a range of loan options between $100 and $5000.

Will I need a credit check?

Credit checks will never be performed without the customer’s permission. Make sure you understand the lender’s credit check policy before beginning the process.

How much will I pay in interest?

Interest rates vary depending on the terms of your loan. Your lender will work with you to negotiate your interest rate based on your creditworthiness. Several factors go into determining your loan eligibility, including your income, assets, and whether the loan is secured or unsecured. These factors are examined by lenders to determine risk and determine an interest rate based on these factors. Interest rates can be as low as 5.99% APR or as high as 35.99% APR.

When will the money be deposited into my bank account?

In most cases, a one-month loan will be transferred electronically into your bank account via electronic transfer within the next business day. Delays may be due to requests for more information, so remain available to your lender once the process begins to avoid delays.

How long will I have to pay it back?

With a one-month loan, most terms are within that month, but exceptions can be made to accommodate your pay schedule. You may also negotiate terms that allow for multiple payments within that one-month term.

How do I make payments?

Lenders will work with you to set up a direct withdrawal from your bank account.

Can I pay off my loan early?

It’s ambitious to want to pay off your loan early, but please be aware that some lenders will charge early payment fees or an early exit fee. Please consider the terms of your loan before paying off your loan outside of the agreement. Do not hesitate to contact your lender to address questions at any time.

Will I incur fees if I miss a payment or make a late payment?

In almost all cases, yes. Be sure to read your agreement fully to know what the late/missed payment fees are. In every case, contact your lender if you find yourself in a pickle! Being upfront about being late or missing a payment is best, so your lender can work with you to arrange a plan with minimal to no impact on your money and/or your credit score.

Are there any extra fees?

It’s important that you read your agreement prior to signing. Additional charges that may be unexpected include the origination fee (loan set up fee), interest, early exit penalty, late payment penalty, or debt collection fees if you default on your loan.

Do you lend to all states?

No, at this time, you may not apply if you live in the following states: Arkansas, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Indiana, Minnesota.